Poster Sessions 

Thursday morning (Coronado/DeVargas)

Session 1. Paleoindians of the Great Plains
Organized by Tom Jennings and Bonnie Pitblado

Richard Anderson
Paleoindian Archaeology in the Badlands: Preliminary Results of New Investigations on the Little Missouri National Grasslands, North Dakota

Brendon P. Asher and Jack L.Hofman
Testing Clovis and Folsom Ubiquity from the Continental Divide to the Plains/Woodland Border

Stacey Bennett and George T. Crawford
A Bison Trap at the Clovis Site, Blackwater Locality 1

Joshua Boyd
Folsom Endscrapers and Raw Material Diversity in the Great Plains and Rocky Mountains

Kristen Carlson and Leland Bement
Changing Clovis Hunting Adaptations through Stable Isotope Analysis

Carlos Cordova, Ernest Lundelius, William Johnson, and Jason Joines
Climate and Vegetation Change from 17,550 to 2000 Cal Years BP in South-Central Texas: The Hall’s Cave Record during Pre-Clovis and Clovis Times

Kristen Carlson and Leland Bement
Changing Clovis Hunting Adaptations through Stable Isotope Analysis

Cody Dalpra, Bonnie Pitblado, and Carol Dehler
Geoarchaeological Results of Petrographic Analysis on Quartzite Sources in the Gunnison Basin, Colorado

George T. Crawford and Stacey Bennett
The Clovis Site: Inheriting 80 Years of Research

George T. Crawford and Stacey Bennett
Back to Basics, Analyzing the Paleoindian Assemblage at the Clovis Site

Leslie B. Davis, Christopher L. Hill, and Kathryn Krasinski
Evidence for Pre-Clovis Human Activity Associated with a Mammoth in Late Pleistocene Eastern Montana

Andrew Gourd
Radiation and Regionalization: Late Paleoamerican projectile point diversification in Oklahoma

Matthew G. Hill, Thomas J. Loebel, and David W. May
The Carlisle Clovis Cache: Land Use, Technological Organization, and Faunal Exploitation in the Midcontinent

Thomas Jennings
The Golondrina Assemblage from the Debra L. Friedkin Site, Texas

David Kilby, Anthony Aliano, Sarah Griffith, Jordan Taher, and Ethan Ortega
Postcards from the Pleistocene: A New Look at Ancient Environments Encountered by the First Explorers of the Southern High Plains

Jason M. LaBelle and Chris Johnston
The Long Shot and the Close-Up: Evaluating the Visual Landscape of the Lindenmeier Folsom Site in Northern Colorado


Neal Lopinot and Jack Ray
Pre-Clovis Evidence from the Big Eddy Site


Maxine McBrinn, Craig Lee, Steve Holen, Nathan Boyless, and E. James Dixon
The Lamb Spring Archaeological Preserve: Past, Present and Future


Kenny Resser
Projectile Points and Knives of the Central Great Plains


John Taylor-Montoya
The Entangled Bank: Can We Detect Cultural Lineages in Lithic Technology and What, if Anything, does that Tell Us about the Paleoamerican Odyssey?


Tom Westfall, Gayson Westfall, and Rick Miller
Evidence of Clovis Occupation in the South Platte River Valley in Eastern Colorado


Don Wyckoff, Nick Czaplewski, Sam Noble, and Brian Carter
Investigating Mid-Wisconsinan Deposits in Oklahoma: the Burnham and Powell Farm Sites


Thursday morning (Lamy/Peralta)

Session 2. Paleoindians of the Great Basin and Far West
Organized by Daron Duke
Jesse Adams and Zach Scribner   Paleoarchaic Occupations in the Eastern Great Basin: Results of GIS Predictive Modeling for Identifying Paleoarchaic Sites in Southern Nevada

Mark E. Basgall   Late Pleistocene/Early Holocene Archaeology of the Lake China Basin

Fred E. Budinger, Jr., Theodore M. Oberlander, James L. Bischoff, and Lewis A. Owen   The Calico Site: Age, Context, And The Artifact/Geofact Issue

Thomas Connolly, Dennis L. Jenkins, Catherine S. Fowler, Pat Barker, Eugene M. Hattori, and William J. Cannon   Boundaries in Space and Time: Paleo-Period Textiles in the Northern and Western Great Basin

Julie Crisafulli and Kelly E. Graf   Sediment and Paleoenvironment at Bonneville Estates Rockshelter, Nevada, during the Pleistocene-Holocene Transition

Jennifer DeGraffenried and Joshua Trammell   Analysis of 42TO3974 Rattler Ridge: An Upland Fluted Site in the Cedar Mountains, Utah

Jaime Dexter   Paleoethnobotanical Analysis at the Paisley Caves: An Evaluation of Late Pleistocene/Early Holocene Plant Use in Cave 2

Daron Duke and D. Craig Young   Haskett Points of the Old River Bed Delta, Utah: Early Western Stemmed Tradition Spear Weaponry

Jerry Galm, Stan Gough, Fred Nials, Kari M. Mentzer, and Tiffany Fulkerson   Paleoindian-Late Paleoindian Point Complexes in the Intermountain West: Western Stemmed-Windust Revisited

John Johnson, Thomas W. Stafford, Jr., G. James West, Thomas K. Rockwell, and Don P. Morris   Six Field Seasons at Arlington Springs: An Investigation of Paleoenvironmental Change on Santa Rosa Island, California

Joshua Keene and Mayra Gracia   Preliminary Lithic and Spatial Analysis of the Adams Gravel Source Haskett site (10BT1227)

Philippe LeTourneau   Recent Paleoindian Finds in Western Washington

Katelyn McDonough, Mark E. Swisher, Dennis L. Jenkins, Patrick W. O'Grady, and Frances J. White   An Analysis of Artifact, Bone, and Coprolite Distributions in Paisley Caves Younger Dryas (Botanical Lens) and Underlying Pleistocene Deposits

Daniel Meatte   A Use-wear Analysis of Beveled Bone Rods from the East Wenatchee Site (45DO432), Douglas County, Washington, USA

David Rhode, Allise Rhode, and Alvin McLane   Western Fluted and Clovis Blades: An Intriguing Assemblage from Western Nevada

Torben Rick, Courney Hofman, Andreanna Welch, Jon Erlandson, Jesus Maldonado, and Robert Fleischer   Marine Mammals, Ancient DNA, and Paleocoastal Subsistence on California's Northern Channel Islands

Michael F. Rondeau, John Pryor, and Roger La Jeunesse   Clovis Technology at the Skyrocket Site, California
Chantel Saban   Palynological Perspectives on Late Pleistocene to Early Holocene Human Ecology at Paisley Caves (35LK3400), Cave 2

Zach Scribner and Nathan Nelson   Reconstructing the Hydrological System of a Paleoarchaic Complex in Central Western Utah

Scott Thomas, Mike Rondeau, and Patrick O'Grady   Filling the Void: Clovis Spear Points and Diagnostic Artifacts in the Far Northern Great Basin

Alexander Yarnell, Danny Welch, and Ted Goebel   Obsidian Transport to Bonneville Estates Rockshelter, Nevada: Implications for Mobility

Robert M. Yohe II, Jill K. Gardner, Chirstopher A. Duran, and Beau DeBoer   More Pieces to the Paleoamerican Puzzle: A New Cluster of Clovis Points from the Ancient Shores of Lake China, California

David Zeanah, Robert G. Elston, and Brian F. Codding   Resource Use, Patch Residence Time and the Sexual Division of Labor among Great Basin foragers during the Pleistocene-Holocene Transition

Thursday afternoon (Coronado/DeVargas)

Session 3. Greater Beringia
Organized by Brian Wygal
John Blong and Frank Gonzalez
Human Colonization of the Central Alaska Range

Ian Buvit, Karisa Terry, and Masami Izuho
Nomads of the Archipelago: Paleolithic Japan and the Pleistocene Peopling of the Americas

Risa Carlson, James F. Baichtal
Raised Marine Beach Predictive Model Results in New Early Holocene Sites in Southeast Alaska

Sam Coffman and Jeffrey T.Rasic
Rhyolite Sourcing in Eastern Beringia

John P. Cook and Tom Gillispie
Healy Lake Village Site: New Data and Analysis

Kelly M. Derr and Philip E. Higuera
Human-Environmental Interactions during the Late Pleistocene-Early Holocene Transition: A Multi-proxy Approach in the Alaskan Arctic

Lyndsay M. DiPietro, Steven G. Driese, and Kelly Graf
The Dry Creek Site: A Geological Perspective on Site Formation and Stratigraphic Integrity in Central Alaska

Norman Easton, Michael Grooms, Jordan Handley, Rudy Reimer, Vance Hutchinson, and David Yesner
Analytical Approaches to Interpreting the Little John Site (KdVo6), a Late Pleistocene Occupation in Yukon's Beringia

Philip Fisher
Human Response to Regional Younger Dryas Climatic and Environmental Variability in Alaska

Yan Axel Gomez Coutouly
The Yukon River Hypothesis: a Possible Migration Route from Alaska to British Columbia for Microblade-bearing Populations of Beringia

Angela K. Gore and Kelly E. Graf
A diachronic Investigation of Technological Activities at the Owl Ridge Site, Central Alaska

Jun Hashizume
Study of Bifacial Point Breakages to Reconstruct Hunting Behavior in Terminal Pleistocene Eastern Japan

Charles Holmes
The Early Archaeological Sequence at Swan Point, Central Alaska

Akira Iwase
Use-Wear Analysis of Chipped Stone Tools from Microblade Assemblages with Wedge-shaped Microblade Cores in Japan

Michael Kunz
On the Origins of Terminal Pleistocene Lithic Assemblages in Eastern Beringia: Who Was Where When and Where Did They Come From?

Joshua Lynch
Experimental Testing of Composite Projectile Points

Pavel Nikolskiy and Vladimir Pitulko
And Yet They Hunted Mammoths: Evidence from the Yana Palaeolithic site

Vladimir Pitulko and Elena Pavlova
Environmental Changes in Western Beringia during the LGM as Human Habitation Factor

Heather L. Smith
An Analysis of Fluted-Point Technology at Serpentine Hot Springs, Alaska

Aleksei V. Tetenkin
Transition from Pleistocene to Holocene on Lower Vitim (Baikalian Siberia, Russia): Coexistence of Ethnic Groups or Combination of Different Adaptive Strategies?

Brian T. Wygal
By Land or Sea? Human Colonization of Southern Alaska

Kate Yeske and Julie Esdale
Paleogeography and Early Archaeology of the Tanana Flats, Central Alaska

David Yesner
Changes in Faunal Exploitation Patterns across the Younger Dryas Boundary, Eastern Beringia

Angela Younie, Thomas Gillispie, Lyndsay DiPietro, and Christine Fik
Lithic Technologies and Adaptations to Beringian Environments at the Linda's Point Site, Healy Lake, Alaska


Thursday afternoon (Lamy)

Session 4a. Latin America: Early Prehistory and Paleoenvironments
Guillermo Acosta-Ochoa, Laura Beramendi, Galia González, Iran Rivera, and Patricia Pérez   Chronology, technology and environmental context of early settlement in southeastern México

Ciprian Ardelean   Hunter-Gatherer Archaeology, the Pleistocene-Holocene Transition and the First Human Occupation in Northeastern Zacadecas, Mexico

Eric Boëda and María Farías Gluchy   Approximation to the Technical Diversity of the Systems of Production of the Catalán Chico´s Site

Aleksander Borejsza, Arthur A. Joyce, Charles D. Frederick
Locating Deeply Buried Sites of Pleistocene and Early Holocene Age in the Mexican Highlands: Insights from Barranca Surveys in Tlaxcala and the Mixteca Alta

Gianfranco Cassiano and Anna Maria Alvarez Palma   Clovis and Plainview Occupations in Central Mexico

Manuel Enrique Cueto   Lithic Technology and Initial Ways of Working during Early Occupation of Patagonian Extreme South

Nicholas Felstead, Silvia Gonzalez, Sarah Metcalfe, David Huddart, Stephen Noble, Dirk Hoffman, Melanie Leng, Alistair Pike, Arturo Gonzalez-Gonzalez, José Concepción Jiménez-López
Holocene-aged Footprints from the Cuatrociénegas Basin, NE Mexico

Nora Viviana Franco, George Brook, Pablo Ambrústolo, and María Viginia Mancini   Early Peopling of the Southern Part of the Deseado Massif: Evidence from La Gruta and Viuda Quenzana areas

José Jiménez, Meggan Bullock, and Eva Salas   A Multiple Burial from 7233 BP

Christelle Lahaye, Eric Boëda, Michel Fontugne, Gisele F. Daltrini, Antoine Lourdeau, Anne-Marie Pessis, Niéde Guidon, Sirlei Hoeltz, Marina Pagli, Sibeli Viana, Amélie Da Costa, and Mario Pino   "Oldies but Goodies": A Chronological Approach of the Pleistocene Occupations in the Serra da Capivara, Piauí, Brazil

Greg Maggard   Fishtail and Early Paiján: Perspectives on the Early Settlement of Western South America

Kary Stackelbeck   Domestic Architecture of the Terminal Pleistocene to Early Holocene in the Central Andes

Charles Stern, Alfredo Prieto, and Jordi Estévez   The Peopling by Littoral Hunter-Gatherers of the Fuego-Patagonian Fjords

Emma Toole, Silvia Gonzalez, David Huddart, Alex Brasier, and Darren Mark   Humans, Megafauna and Quaternary Environmental Change, Tequixquiac, Northern Basin of Mexico


Thursday afternoon (Peralta)

Session 4b. Biological Perspectives on the First Americans
Organized by Mark Hubbe
Alessandro Achilli , Ugo A. Perego, Hovirag Lancioni, Anna Olivieri, Francesca Gandini, Baharak Hooshiar Kashani, Vincenza Battaglia, Viola Grugni, Norman Angerhofer, Mary P. Rogers, Rene J. Herrera, Scott R. Woodward, Damian Labuda, David Glenn Smith, Jerome S. Cybulski, Ornella Semino, Ripan S. Malhi, and Antonio Torroni   Reconciling Migration Models to the Americas with the Variation of North American Native Mitogenomes

Benjamin Auerbach   Thinking Broadly about Colonization: Phenotypes of the Early Holocene and the Peopling of North America

Pedro Da-Gloria and Clark Spencer Larsen   Health and Lifestyle of Paleoamericans from a Tropical Perspective: The Case of Lagoa Santa, Brazil

David Echeverry, Beatrix Dudzik, and Frankie Pack   Revisiting Population History for the Eva Site: A Combined Craniometric and Ancient DNA Approach

Brianne Herrera and Kanya Godde   Concordance of Skeletal and Molecular Data and Their Applications toward Peopling of the New World

Susan Kuzminsky   Craniofacial Variation among Pacific Rim Populations: A Test of the Coastal Migration Hypothesis Using 3D Laser Scanning and Geometric Morphometric Methods

Barbara O'Connell, James L. Jones, Jr., and Bruce Thomas   The Minnesota Ancients: Browns Valley and Pelican Rapids
Karl Reinhard, Elizabeth Racz, and Scott L. Gardner   Paleomaerican Parasitism: Infections that Signal the Origin and Route of Migration  

Andre Strauss, Pedro Da-Gloria, Rodrigo De-Oliveira, Danilo Bernardo, Domingo Carlos Salazar Garcia, Caroline Wilkinson, Sue Black, Sahra Talamo, Philipp Gunz, Mike Richards, Mark Hubbe, Astolfo Araujo, Renato Kipnis, Jean-Jacques Hublin, and Walter Neves   The Oldest Case of Decapitation in the New World

Alejandro Terrazas Mata, Martha E. Benavente Sanvicente, Arturo H. González González, and Wolfgang Stinnesbeck   Human Remains of Late Pleistocene-Early Holocene age from submerged caves of the Yucatan peninsula (state oif Quintana Roo, Mexico): Prelimirary dental analysis and implications for the settlement of the Americas


Friday morning (Coronado)

Session 5a. Paleoindians of the American Southeast
Organized by Ashley Smallwood and Randy Daniel
Derek Anderson   Lithic Refitting at the Topper Site: Spatial, Technological, and Geoarchaeological

John Broster and Mark Norton   Paleoindian Studies in Tennessee

Philip J. Carr and Gregory A. Waselkov   Paleoindians in the Tennessee Valley: Applying an Organization of Technology Model

I. Randolph Daniel, Jr. and Albert C. Goodyear   Clovis Macrobands in the Carolinas

James S. Dunbar
Mental Templates and a Revised Typology for Florida Paleoindian Points

Michael Johnson and William A. Childress   Beyond Cactus Hill

Christopher Moore, Mark J. Brooks, Larry R. Kimball, Margaret Newman, and Brian P. Kooyman   Use-wear and Protein Residue Analysis of an In-Situ Clovis Assemblage from a Carolina Bay in the Coastal Plain of South Carolina

Charlotte Pevny and William Barse   Late Pleistocene-Early Human Adaptation in Northern Florida

Erika Shofner, Meg Gaillard, Helena Ferguson, and Tom Pertierra   Presenting Paleo: Sharing Our Past

Ashley Smallwood, Albert C. Goodyear, Derek T. Anderson, D. Shane Miller, and Sarah Walters   Dating the Hillside Clovis Occupation of the Topper Site, Allendale County, South Carolina

Dennis Stanford, Darrin Lowery, Bruce Bradley, Marvin Kay, Robert J. Speakman, Margaret Jodry, Thomas Stafford
The Cinmar Discovery: Evidence for an Ice Age Occupation of the Middle Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf

Jesse Tune and Judith A. Melton   Interpreting Activity Areas and Cumberland Lithic Technology at the Phil Stratton Site, Kentucky


Friday morning (DeVargas)

Session 5b. Geology, Geochronology and Paleoenvironments of the First Americans
Thomas Amorosi and Michael Waters   New AMS Dates, Ground Sloths Dens and Horse Meals at Fell's Cave and Pali Aike Rockshelter, from the Magallanes of Sourthern Chile

Joshua Feinberg, Marcy Nadel, Michael Waters, and Albert Goodyear III   The Rock Magnetic Record Across the 12.9 ka Younger Dryas Boundary: Evidence for Impact?

John Ferguson, Terry Ferguson, and Emily Hinz   Geophysics and the Geoarchaeological Characterization of the Topper Site, South Carolina

Edward Herrmann and G. William Monaghan   Geoarchaeology of Paleoindian-aged Landforms: Geomorphological Influences from the Midcontinent

Isabel Israde-Alcantara, Silvia Gonzalez, James L. Bischoff, Allen West, Gabriela Domínguez-Vazquez, Richard B. Firestone, Ted E. Bunch, James Kennett, and Wendy Wolbach   Extraterrestrial Impact in Mexico at the Onset of the Younger Dryas (YD) and Its Effects on the Environment

Lionel Jackson, Laurence D. Andriashek, and Fred Phillips   Multiple and Successive Ice-Free Corridors during Middle Pleistocene Glaciations in the Interior Plains of Southern and Central Alberta and Adjacent Areas

Michael Kolb and Daniel Joyce   Late Pleistocene Landscape History and Site Formation Processes at the Schaefer-Hebior Locality, Southeastern Wisconsin

Brian Kooyman, Michael R. Waters, L. V. Hills, and Thomas W. Stafford, Jr.   Refined Dating of the Horse and Camel Kills at the Wally's Beach Site, Canada

Kelly Monteleone, Andrew Wickert
Investigating the Potential for Archaeological Sites on the Submerged Southern Beringian Archipelago

Irina Panyushkina and Steven W. Leavitt   Abrupt changes in moisture variability in the Great Lakes region at ca. 13.7ka, 12ka, 11.5ka and 8.2ka: a new perspective from subfossil tree rings

Mark E. Swisher, Dennis L. Jenkins, Lionel E. Jackson, Jr., and Fred M. Phillips   A Reassessment of the Role of the Canadian Ice-Free Corridor in Light of New Geological Evidence

Sarah Walters, Sean Cary von Gunter, and Albert C. Goodyear   The Secret Life of Carbonized Plant Remains: A Guide to Dating in the Age of Clovis


Friday morning (Lamy/Peralta)

Session 6a. Paleoindians of the American Northeast
Organized by Joseph Gingerich
Richard Boisvert, Heather Rockwell, and Bruce Rusch   Settling into the Late Pleistocene Landscape: The Potter Site a Multicomponent Paleoindian Site in New Hampshire

Nigel Brush and P. Nick Kardulias   The Rich Record of Paleoindian Activity in Coshocton and Holmes Counties in North Central Ohio

Kurt Carr   An Update on Research at the Shoop Site (36Da20) Including the Results of XRF Analysis

Joseph Gingerich   Evidence of Paleoindian Social Organization at Shawnee-Minisink

Robert Goodby   Paleoindian Household Organization at the Tenant Swamp Site (27CH187), Keene, New Hampshire

Brian Jones   A New Collection from the DEDIC Site, Deerfield, Massachusetts

Nathaniel Kitchel   After the Ice: Colonization Behavior and Process in the Recently Deglaciated Northeast

Thomas Loebel   Exploring Early Paleoindian Adaptations Through Microwear Analysis

Jonathan Lothrop and Graydon Ballard   Green-Pauler: Two Probable Paleoindian Caches in the Upper Susquehanna Valley, New York

Brian S. Robinson   Large and Highly Structured. Refining Spatial Patterns at Bull Brook

Francis "Jess" Robinson, John G. Crock, and Wetherbee Dorshow   Through the Mountains to the Sea: An Analysis of Champlain Sea Shorelines, Site Patterning, and Travel Corridors in the Eastern Champlain Basin

Heather Rockwell, Richard Boisvert, Bruce Rusch
Settling into the Late Pleistocene Landscape: The Potter Site, a Multicomponent Paleoindian Site in New Hampshire

Mark Seeman and Garry Summers   The Fluted Points from Nobles Pond, an Early Paleoindian Site in Northeastern Ohio: Manufacturing and Typological Considerations

Zachary Singer   Ohomowauke: An Early Paleoindian Site in Southeastern Connecticut


Friday morning (Peralta)

Session 6b. Paleoindians of the American Southwest
Jesse Ballenger and Mary Prasciunas   Arizona Paleoindian Projectile Point Survey

Robert Dello-Russo   The Water Canyon Paleoindian Site - A Multi-Component Site at a Focal Wetland Resource in West-Central New Mexico

James Hartley   Environmental Causes of the Extinction ofthe Pleistocene Megafauna in the Desert Southwest

Guadalupe Sanchez, Vance Holliday, Joaquin Arroyo, Natalia Martinez, and John Carpenter   El Fin del Mundo, Sonora, Mexico: Where Clovis People hunted Gomphotheres

Jeffrey Saunders, Gennady Baryshnikov, and Kevin Seymour   Evolution of an Arizona Paleoindian Landscape

Steven Shackley
The Secondary Distribution of Archaeological Obsidian in Rio Grande Quaternary Sediments, Jemez Mountains to San Antonito, New Mexico: Inferences for Paleoamerican Procurement and the Age of Sediments

Anastasia Steffen, Heather R. Evans, and Jeremy Decker   Discovering the Earliest Prehistory of the Valles Caldera

Jacob D. Tumelaire, Francis E. Smiley, William Thomas Reitze, Meghann M. Vance, and Cole B. Wandler   The Rainbow Forest Site: A Clovis and Folsom Locality on the Southern Colorado Plateau


Friday afternoon (Coronado)

Session 7a. Taphonomic Perspectives on the First Americans
Organized by Kathryn Krasinski
Joaquin Arroyo-Cabrales and Eileen Johnson   Megacarnivores, Large Carnivores, and People in the North American Late Pleistocene

Joaquin Arroyo-Cabrales, Ramón Viñas-Vallverdú, Irán I. Rivera-González, and Xosé Pedro Rodriguez   Recent Findings in the Chazumba Locality, Oaxaca, Mexico

Chrissina Burke   Bison Bonebeds and Carnivore Use of Carrion: Implications for Human-Carnivore Interactions

Kathleen Holen   Bone Notches: Differentiating Dynamic and Static Loading on Large Prey Animal Limb Bone

Kathryn E. Krasinski and Gary Haynes   Understanding Taphonomic Histories of Proboscidean Remains through Bone Breakage Analyses

Fabiana María Martin Early Human Occupation in Southern Chile: Recent Results

Melissa Mueller
Taphonomic Interpretations of Burned Bones from the Susitna River Basin, Alaska

Chelsea Reedy   Practice Makes Paleo

Óscar Torres-Solís, Patricia Ochoa-Castillo, Michael R. Waters, and Joaquín Arroyo-Cabrales   Recent Findings in the Hueytlaco Site, Puebla, México


Friday afternoon (DeVargas)

Session 7b. Submerged Paleoindian Landscapes: Preservation, Paleoenvironments, Potential
Organized by Jessi Halligan
Jeronimo Aviles and Eugenio Aceves
Sixteen Years of Archaeological Research inside Underwater Caves in Mexico with Evidence of Humans, Flora and Fauna from the Late Pleistocene to the Early Holocene

Diego Carabias, Isabel Cartajena, Patricio López, Renato Simonetti, Carla Morales, Antonio Maldonado, Cristina Ortega, and Valentina Figueroa   GNL Quintero 1 (GNLQ1): First Evidences from the Pacific Coast of South America of a Final-Pleistocene Drowned Terrestrial Site

Jorie Clark, Jerry Mitrovica, and Jay Alder   Regional Variability in Latest Pleistocene and Holocene Sea-Level Rise Across the Oregon-Washington and Bering Sea Continental Shelves

Lauren Cook and Neil Puckett   Sourcing Redeposited Projectile Points at McFaddin Beach, TX

Loren G. Davis and Alex J. Nyers   Reconstructing Paleolandscapes and Potential Submerged Site Locations on the Pacific Outer Continental Shelf from the Last Glacial Maximum to 10,000 RYBP

Jessi Halligan, James S. Dunbar, Brendan Fenerty, and Ed Green   Submerged Paleoindian Sites in the Aucilla River of Northwestern Florida: New Geoarchaeological and Archaeological Research

Jacob Hooge, Jon C. Lohse, and Frederick H. Hanselmann   Underwater Geoarchaeological Research at Spring Lake, San Marcos, Texas

Robert Legg and John B. Anderton   Developing an environmentally-based site location model of Paleo-Indian settlement in the Northern Great Lakes

Ashley K. Lemke, John M. O'Shea, and Elisabeth Sonnenburg Late Paleoindian and Early Archaic Caribou Hunters Underneath Lake Huron

Darrin Lowery and Dennis Stanford   Paleo-Americans on the Coastal Plain: A Perspective from the Middle Atlantic and the Delmarva Peninsula

Morgan Smith, David Selmo, and Steve Cushman   A Pre-Project Overview of the Wakulla 3 Project: An Archaeological Survey of a Spring and Deep Underwater Cave

Andrew D. Wickert, Kelly R. Monteleone, and Robert S. Anderson   Reconstructing the Paleogeography of Beringia


Friday afternoon (Lamy)

Session 8a. Paleoindian Technology
Jacob Adams and Tyler Retherford   What about the Cracks? An Examination of Cultural and Natural Fracture Patterns on Brittle Solids

Metin Eren, Robert J. Patten, Michael J. O'Brien, and David J. Meltzer   Refuting the Technological Cornerstone of the Ice Age Atlantic Crossing Hypothesis

Richard Gramly, Dennis Vesper, and O. Kirk Spurr
The Prismatic Blade Industry of the Middle Stage Cumberland Tradition Phil Stratton Site

Robert Lassen
Exploring Typological and Technological Variability in Folsom-age Projectile Points: A Comprehensive Perspective

C. R. Lewis
Mammoth Molar Tools from 18,000 Years Ago in Texas

Tyler Retherford and William Andrefsky, Jr.   Using Lithic Debitage to Distinguish Between Geofacts and Artifacts: An Experimental Approach

Andrew Richard   Clovis in a Kiln: A Projectile Point Use-Breakage Study

Alan Slade   Clovis: What's the Point?

Charles Speer   Source Determination of Edwards Plateau Chert Using LA-ICP-MS

Robin Gay Wakeland   Lithics near Madrid, Spain 20,000-15,000 B.P., Museo de los Orígenes, Spain EU

Kristina Wiggins and William Andrefsky, Jr. Analyzing Population Data to Recognize Human and Natural Fracture Properties in Brittle Solids

Justin Williams and William Andrefsky, Jr.   An Image is Worth 1000 Measurements: Using Images to Analyze Paleo-Period Artifacts


Friday afternoon (Peralta)

Session 8b. New Perspectives on the Peopling of the Americas
David G. Anderson, Thaddeus G. Bissett, David Echeverry, D. Shane Miller, Douglas A. Sain, Ashley M. Smallwood, David K. Thulman, and Stephen J. Yerka   PIDBA (Paleoindian Database of the Americas): Site and Artifact Distributions in Late Pleistocene North America  

Amina Boutellis, Rezak Drali, Mario A. Rivera, Kosta Y. Mumcuoglu, Didier Raoult
Evidence of Sympatry of Clade A and Clade B Head Lice in a Pre-Columbian Chilean Mummy from Camarones

LaVerne Dutton, George Larson
Horn Shelter: Paleoamerican Site

J. Christopher Gillam   Paleoamerican Origins and Migration: A Cultural and Bio-Physical Geographic Perspective  

Alvah Hicks   Interpreting Archaeological Signatures Before Clovis  

John W. Ives and B. Sunday Eiselt   Paleoindian Social Landscapes: Thought Models for Kinship in Unique Demographic Settings  

Margaret Jodry   All My Relations, Paleoamerican Spiritual Connections in Hunting and Healing  

Lucy Johnson   The Peopling of the Americas  

Jessica Metcalfe and Fred Longstaffe   Seasonal Dietary Variations of North American Proboscideans  

Jessica Phillips   Fingerprinting Our Past: A Dermatoglyphic Study at the Topper Site (38AL23)

Douglas Sain   A Model for Paleoamerican Coastal Zone Preference for the Atlantic Slope of Eastern North America since the Last Glacial Maximum

David Thulman and Michael Faught   How Long did Clovis Last? A Re-assessment of the Clovis and Other Paleoindian Occupations Using Bayesian Statistics

Saturday morning (Coroado)

Session 9. Paleoindian Archaeology in the Rocky Mountains
Organized by Bonnie Pitblado & Tom Jennings
Jared Beeton and Steve Holen   Soils, Stratigraphy, and the Search for Early Humans at the Scott Miller and Villa Grove Mammoth Sites, San Luis Valley, Colorado
Cody Dalpra, Bonnie Pitblado, Carol Dehler   Geoarchaeological Results of Petrographic Analysis on Quartzite Sources in the Gunnison Basin, Colorado  

Marcel Kornfeld, Mackenzie Cory, and Mary Lou Larson
Are They Clovis? Two Central Rockies Caches


Jason M. LaBelle
An Afternoon at Benedict's Rock (5BL232), a Small Scottsbluff Site in the Colorado Mountains


Bill McConnell and Craig M. Lee
Replication and Use of a 10,400-year-old Cody-Age Foreshaft from a Rocky Mountain Ice Patch


Michael McFaul, Michael D. Metcalf, Dante Knapp
A Post Younger Dryas Early Holocene Soil Forming and Alluvial Interval ~10,575 to ~8510 cal yr BP: Colorado Plateaus, Great Plains, Southern Rocky Mountains and Wyoming Basin

Brooke Morgan and Brian Andrews
Mountaineer: A Folsom Residential Occupation in the Rocky Mountains


Bonnie L. Pitblado, Holly Andrew, Ben Fowler, and Richard Shipley
Paleoindian Occupation of Southeastern Idaho and Northern Utah


Linda Scott Cummings, and R. A. Varney
What You See is What You Get, or is It?


Fred Sellet, Robert Brunswig, and Rolfe Mandel
The Paleoenvironmental and archaeological context of the Late Pleistocene- Early Holocene transition at the KibRidge site