Paleoamerican Odyssey

A Conference Focused on First Americans Archaeology

October 16-19, 2013
Santa Fe, New Mexico

       Come explore the mystery and saga of the first people to colonize the Americas during the last Ice Age at the Paleoamerican Odyssey conference in historic Santa Fe, New Mexico. Come hear the leading experts in the field of First Americans archaeology discuss the evidence for the Ice Age colonization of the Americas. Come and see the archaeological evidence--the artifacts from key sites from across North America.

Don't miss out on this historic conference, held at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center, the largest such gathering since the Clovis and Beyond Conference held in 1999. This conference is for everyone--archaeologists, avocational archaeologists, Quaternary scientists, students, the general public, and anyone interested in archaeology. REGISTER TODAY!


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Organized by
The Center for the Study of the First Americans

Department of Anthropology, Texas A&M University
The Southeastern Paleoamerican Survey, DSO

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